Founder–President Nallapati Ankini Prasad, NAP or simply Prasad for friends and colleagues belongs to the select band of professionals who have worked in diverse fields that range from journalism to diplomacy and security to counter-terrorism.

Over a 33-year span, NAP worked at home in India and abroad with focus on Middle East, South Asia, and South-east Asia/east Asia.  He is among the few diplomats who have worked with distinction in Israel (Tel Aviv), Russia (Moscow) and the U.S., (Washington). In these three capitals, NAP worked on consular outreach, academic and economic exchanges to give a fillip to people-to-people relations.

A postgraduate in history and physiology, NAP started his career with the Defence Ministry in 1981. Over the next two years, observed at close range the working of the Naval Headquarters, particularly its Judge Advocate General Department – an exposure that gave insights into human resource management.

Joining the prestigious Indian Information Service (IIS) in 1983, NAP equipped himself with a postgraduate diploma in Mass Communications, and worked hands on in Government of India’s media organisations dealings with print and audio-visual media. At All India Radio, the State Broadcaster, his work involved newscasting, and editing of news bulletins for Indian and foreign audience. For full six-years.

NAP changed gears in 1989 and moved to the diplomatic, security and foreign Intelligence service. When India opened full-fledged diplomatic relations with Israel in the nineties, NAP joined a select band of diplomats in setting up the Indian Mission in Tel Aviv. Economic diplomacy was the mainstay of NAP’s innings in Moscow besides providing a helping hand to Russian students in India and Indian students in Russia. In the US capital, NAP worked closely with the State Department, various US agencies, and think-tanks. Streamlined consular services, and facilitated uniform working of all Indian Consulates to address the problems of Indian community in the country.

During his long innings in Indian Intelligence service, he primarily served as Analyst on Middle East affairs besides other areas.

N. A. Prasad retired as Additional Secretary to the Government of India in Oct 2015. And, started CAAPR as an independent think-tank for objective research and analysis of India’s foreign policy and strategic relations with Asian and African nations.