Hyderabad is a prominent city in South India but there are no major Think Tanks catering to the research and analysis of international relations and foreign policy. The city was the capital of united Andhra Pradesh state.  After bifurcation of the state, it remained the capital of Telangana state, where it is geographically located, and a new capital is being built for Andhra Pradesh state. Prominent universities and research institutions are located in the two states and they have extra-ordinary expertise on a variety of subjects.  Highest number of cyber experts are produced from the two states who form the majority migrating to the United States and Europe. Andhra Pradesh has the largest coast line among the southern states of India. Hyderabad is also culturally linked to Iran and other Gulf countries, being the capital of the erstwhile Qutb Shahi regime in Golkonda.

The Centre for Asia-Africa Policy Research (CAAPR) is set up in Hyderabad to take advantage of the city’s rich culture of `study and research’ and use the expertise to develop appropriate research programs to provide analysis and assessments to the governments, both at the central and provincial levels, and the people.  The Centre will train young professionals in foreign policy and strategic issues, who will have significant opportunities to build up their network through other international think tanks that partner with the CAAPR.  

We do not have any assured institutional financial support and depend on individual contributions to fund our activities.  We sincerely wish that donors contribute any donations if they are satisfied with the kind of work that we are trying to produce.  Indian and foreign corporations may like to use our expertise to produce reports that could be of some commercial and strategic use for them in advancing their goals.