CAAPR is a Hyderabad-based independent think-tank set up to carry out objective research and analysis of foreign policy and strategic relations of India with Asia and Africa.  It functions under the umbrella organization, the `Nallapati Foundation for Human Development’.

Islamic radicalisation, cybercrime, maritime security and emerging strategic re-alignments are some of the key areas of study for our team of experts and scholars. Better people-to-people understanding is also a thrust area.

CAAPR will undertake both suo moto and commissioned studies



CAAPR will look into new challenges arising from Islamist radicalization of youth in India and its neighbourhood. Jihadi groups like ISIS are using sophisticated communication channels; so it calls for building an equally sophisticated counter-narrative. Strategic political re-alignments are breaking apart and these call for a closer study to crystal gaze their wider implications.

An added impetus for CAAPR study is provided by the fact that the region is home to nearly seven million strong Indian community. Any trouble – whether it is because of Daesh upsurge or because of blood-bath due to regional fault-lines will translate into a refugee crisis for India, as was seen in countries like Yemen, Libya, and Iraq in recent times.


For CAAPR, Africa holds special interest primarily because the African continent is linked to India culturally and historically and even politically for long centuries. The region is home to a huge Indian diaspora. India’s re-engagement with Africa has immense opportunities and numerous challenges.

Cyber Security

CAAPR is acutely aware of the dangers to Cyber Space, which is mankind’s present day final frontier to explore strange new worlds, and to go ahead boldly to fight new wars in peace time and war time alike.   No country is secure and safe from cyber world. In fact every country is increasingly vulnerable to cyber warfare that respects no Geneva conventions. Cyber war tools keep changing with every passing day and the governments are at best one step behind the cyber warriors- some of whom are there just for the heck of it and thus make cyber peacekeeping a difficult task.

South-east Asia/East Asia

India’s civilizational links with the region are perhaps much older than any other relationship that the country has nurtured.  Its “Act East” policy is true revival of this age-old relationship which augurs well for mutual benefit.  The uncertain dynamics set in force by `assertive’ China and US re-balancing are a cause of serious concern.  Hence, it is but natural that CAAPR will have primary focus on the region to study these changing dynamics.

Maritime Security

CAAPR will undertake suo moto and commissioned studies on maritime security in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), China’s OBOR and military plans.

Other prime areas

Under `Project Heritage’, CAAPR propose to study various inter-faith issues:

Contradictions within Islam

Reform movements in Hinduism

Buddhism’s middle path

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